Is the game out?

YES! It has been postponed about 3 times during its development cycle so far... It has been 3 years, we are as excited as you are!

I have Windows\OSX\Linux on my PC, will the game work?

Yes, however we don't support macOS 10.15 Catalina or beyond. You can read our Steam post for more details on macOS support.

Why should I trust you that the game is any good?

You shouldn't trust us... you shouldn't trust any developer talking about his own game/hype trailers when it comes to the quality of the game.

There is a plethora of Youtube videos of other people playing Move or Die on youtube and expressing their opinion about it.

We have our own trailers and update videos, however, we encourage you to make your purchase decision based on content created by other people.

I don't have 4 controllers...

It's ok, all 4 players can use the same keyboard (even though it might be slightly crowded). You also have the option to use 2 keyboards, or one keyboard and 2 controllers, or 4 controllers, we support almost any combination you can think of, go crazy, play with a steering wheel!

What do you mean by "Game Modes"?

When you press play, a random game mode is selected from a big list. Each game mode lasts roughly 20 seconds and has its own rules and arena. Players battle until a winner is declared (either by last man standing, or that game mode’s specific rule). The winner is rewarded with points and another game mode is drafted. This process continues until a player reaches a predefined number of points and is declared the overall WINNER! :D

Is it ok if I change some stuff and make my own content?

It's absolutely ok! We even encourage you to mod the game and create new things! Break the game and put it back together, make your own rules, after all, the game's initials are MoD. Just please don't try to ruin other players' experience with your modifications. If you are interested in modding, check out the modding wiki!

Can I record some gameplay footage and upload it online?

Yes you can. You can even monetize it via ads (audio included) and if anybody tries to take it down or claim any rights to it, please contact us.

Why isn't my question in here?

We tried to contact you but you didn't answer your phone :( It's ok though! If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us right away!