Welcome to the world of modding

Mods are freaking awesome! They allow you to modify and create your own content in the game!

With the last "Workshop Update", the game got a handful of tools and features that encourage modding.

A "mod" is a modification to the game's content, be it visual, code or audio related. With a mod you can add new content, like a new character, a new game mode, or you can modify already existing ones.

We started making games by modding them, so we wanted to make sure that Move or Die is mod friendly, and not only that, we also made sure that it's super easy to make your own mods and mess around with content. After all, the game's initials are "MoD"...

We are looking forward to seeing your mods and implementing the best of them in the actual game for everybody to enjoy!

~ Those Awesome Guys

Where to start

Before starting working on your own mod, we recommend you check out the:

The link above will teach you how mods work with Move or Die, how they are structured and how to set up your own.

Now it's time to get your hands dirty:

Assuming you went through one of those pages and you now have your own mod, it's time to publish it.

Publishing a mod

Updating a published mod

Good luck!